EBW Signature Designer Letterman Sweater
SuperProducer J Manifest rocking EBW Jacquard Signature Designer Letterman Streetwear Apparel Sweater



Everybody Workin’ is finding its direction into celebs streetwear apparel, including J Manifest, Rocky Mount North Carolina’s hottest SuperProducer of Legion of Muzik, Derrick Worsley, American Actor, also of Tarboro North Carolina as seen in Taken 3, Nashville, The Have and Have Nots, and played Coach Jones on Being Mary Jane.   You’ll definitely appreciate the brand’s jacquard signature fabrics.  With each look you take in your closet you think you have the dopest in sweaters. Each one providing a memorable moment from the most remarkable days of your life. This LifeStyle Streetwear brand comes with laws that must be recognized.


North Carolina based brand Everybody Workin’ aka ‘EBW‘ is the latest fashion brand you need on your frequency.  Fashion isn’t unreachable, and not always your regular everyday attire. This clothing brand provides distinctive and exclusive garments, from luxurious jacquard sweaters to exotic tracksuits. Everybody Workin’ has found a way to make regular clothing look stylish and high class.


North Carolina stylist Aroc created his clothing label named Everybody Workin’ in 2010, and ever since is becoming a grandeur streetwear essential.  Haute Couture is at the forefront of EBW’s collection that includes high quality jacquard fabric and sewn with artistic finesse.  Aroc is now working his magic to have Everybody Workin’ looked upon as a high class fashion brand.  


Crafted from Red and Tan cotton, the jacquard sweater has a elaborate feel. Completed with rib knit trims, the design is of the EBW pattern.  This design was first introduced in 2010.

  • Red and Tan EBW cotton Jacquard
  • Rib knit trims
  • 100% cotton
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Made in China

Everybody Workin’ Designer Jacquard Letterman Sweater comes with Custom Hangtags.

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EBW Signature Designer Letterman Sweater




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