In 2009 Aroc started his movement and brand entitled Everybody Workin. Which lead him to selling merchandise such Tshirts, female boyshorts, cups etc making Everybody Workin a household name where they from. During that time it wasn’t a pivotal or more important movement happening other than EBW,as they opened the door and lead the way with guerilla marketing for other Brands,movements to follow.

In 2013 Aroc released a record named Dame Dash after music mogul Dame Dash that garnered Aroc regional attention. With his Merchandise and Music campaign Aroc released his debut Mixtape entitled ,IW4MT,I Waited For My Time hosted by no other than SuperProducer J Manifest. Selling over 1000 hardcopies along with 500 downloads off his own website, everybodyworkinrecords.com, Aroc is making a name for himself. His second radio campaign Aroc made the world listen to his lyrics and bars as his Mercy video has over 91k views on YouTube.

In Fall 2015 EBW scored a sponsorship deal with Champagne Brand ,Rondel Gold and 2018 EBW inked a Brand Building Deal with local Vodka Company First Flight Vodka out of North Carolina. That really says a lot about how Everybody Workin handles business.

EBW has a lot of great endeavors happening as they have found a manufacturer to make all their clothing. As Aroc always says ,If you don’t work ,you don’t eat and they definitely are workin!!

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