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Online store , Everybody Workin Luxury brand , Tracksuit Everybodyworkinrecords.com Model, Aroc
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Online store , Everybody Workin Luxury brand , Tracksuit Everybodyworkinrecords.com Model, Aroc
Why fit in when you can stand out
Aroc Prefers Direct sales over spotify. Online store , Everybody Workin Luxury brand , Tracksuit Everybodyworkinrecords.com Model, Aroc
Aroc tells how he’s winning selling album

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Our online store features The Everybody Workin’ Luxury Brand Full Zip Jacket and Pants is made with ultra-soft polyester and mesh lining for all-day comfort while you’re on the go. Contrast stripes and drawstring in pants with elastic cuffs.


  • Front pockets for convenient storage
  • mesh lining in pants, and jacket with full-zip for custom coverage

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  • Fabric: 100% polyester
  • Machine Wash
  • Shown: Black/White


  • True to Fit ,has European cut
  • Runs a size small

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Aroc Prefers Direct sales over spotify. Online store , Everybody Workin Luxury brand , Tracksuit Everybodyworkinrecords.com Model, Aroc

Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, isn’t on NC Rapper AROC’s Mind

Never Nominated or got agitated/
Direct sales over streams that’s how I made it

Technology along with the internet has done some amazing, and also bad things along the way within the music industry.

Since the sudden boom of music streaming sites such as Spotify,Tidal,Apple Music,deezer etc, technology has changed the scope of how music is consumed or looked upon. Nevertheless it has made music more accessible and of less value.

North Carolina Rapper/Fashion Designer Aroc says albums are not dead and it’s time other independent artists wake up. In the world of streaming the traditional album as we know of it has been substituted for the single and or playlist. For whatever reasons the album seems to have become insignificant. On the contrary, some believe there is evidence that the album is extra necessary; exceptionally for artists as Aroc doing his own music distribution. The previous explanation of the album style may have changed, but it’s come back into existence is more influential and worthwhile for Aroc. The album used to be the closing process in music consumption: purchase the album, listen to the whole thing, and love it all.

Now artists such as Aroc and others are judged off streams controlled by algorithms. Spotify, Tidal, and Apple music has teamed up the gatekeepers of the music industry, The Majors. In the Majors you’re either signed to a label or you not. With the sudden inception of music streaming platforms, all of a sudden independent artists are having a difficult time making a living off their craft than previous years. Those same companies are selling $10 subscriptions rather than artists music. In return they’re paying record labels for instance , 1 million streams may get $7,000 on the high end. So imagine what indie artists gets, just know its not enough to live on. 1500 streams equates to 1 album sale or download; at a rate of maybe .002 – .004 per stream by Billboard.

Aroc caters to his fans and consumers, so he focuses on the approach and not the format. Aroc prefers Direct to Consumers marketing. This marketing technique allows Aroc to sell directly from his website to the world his album as a Preorder bundled package which includes a digital download, CD, and a free shirt all for $20. As a result , Aroc’s store is a one-stop for physical and digital music, streamlining sales under one roof. Also selling direct to the consumers, Aroc receives direct data such as fan demographics, emails for future marketing and releases rather than Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, which typically they would receive instead of Aroc and other artists. Aroc has always believed in merchandise and music as one entity together; it just makes more sense to do it this way rather than streaming which dismisses artists musical value.

Stay tune as Aroc is coming for everything he wants and more!!

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Whether your playing basketball in the park, walking on the beach, or workin’ it out at the gym, well then this new Seal of Approval tank top is the go to for Spring and Summer. Available in a red,white, and black. Sleeveless 100% cotton tank top customized EBW stamp personalized to match your swag. Everybody Workin’ committed to every hard worker, and dedicated to producing quality products for everyone. It’s the only way to do business and keep you coming back for more.

Everybody Workin’ is the most authentic and original Lifestyle Brand established in 2010. This Brand has all the elements to go corporate ,all we do is spread positive vibes and operate off one accord. The world filled with many fakes, EBW is the realest most authentic known to date. In Aroc’s voice ‘Everybody Workin’, If you don’t work,you don’t eat!!

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Aroc as an Entrepreneur

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June 7th Aroc debuts new Album

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Campaigning alongside of other Hip hop albums set to release in the next few weeks

Trials and Tribulations

With the emergence of fellow North Carolina rapper ,Da Baby and Stunna 4 Vegas taking the industry by storm. You can definitely say the eyes are on NC. Another rapper by the name of Aroc is on his way to leaving his mark on the game as well. His Instagram post from last night was a strong indication that he too is set to release his rap album entitled ‘ Trials and Tribulations’ on June 7th. Asian Da Brat, PnB Rock, YG, and Young Nudy are the hip-hop artists releasing new rap albums in the upcoming weeks. Aroc will prove why he’s solid as a rock in this game.

North Carolina rapper Aroc has been around for awhile but says Trials and Tribulations is his debut album. “I knew I’d get to the point where I’d release a solid album just didn’t know when,” explained the Fashion Designer. The album will be available on CD and exclusive digital download on website with a Signature Everybody Workin’ T-shirt. The 13 songs according to Aroc, are a lot more unique and genuine. The first two singles, “Mercy” and “Trials and Tribulations,” seem to unveil as much with Aroc levitating over soulful instrumentals.

Proving a point

Each of the artists releasing in the next few weeks is out to prove a point. Aroc wants to set himself apart from the rest of new rappers by establishing his style and brand as a household name, PnB wants to be a popstar, separating himself from the XXL Freshman class he entered the game with. Asian go set herself apart by changing her name.

young nudy

Young Nudy is working his way out his cousin’s shadow, while hoping to generate some positive press after his arrest alongside 21 savage earlier this year. YG is shaking off the instability that surrounded his prior projects and paying homage to a fallen friend. He’s also stepped up his pen game and is clearly looking for more recognition as a lyricist than he got previously. Hopefully , each of these artists is able to make their mark and deliver projects worthy of entering fans’ rotation past the next big release day

EVERYBODY WORKIN | Aroc|Entrepreneur| Fashion | Music

girl and guy with black and white everybody Workin tracksuit  and white huaraches on,fashion,Aroc,air force 1
Doesn’t matter what Profession you’re in,long as you’re putting in work – Teachers, Doctors,Mailman, Students,Street hustlers, 9-5 etc #Everybodyworkin ???

As a Entrepreneur / Entertainer Aroc and Everybody Workin’ enters into its 10th birthday as a fashion brand; Everybody Workin still putting out music chanting thru the chiliastic footsteps. First came up with EBW, it was merely a saying me and few of my brothers were saying amongst ourselves.

Everybody Workin’ The LifeStyle Brand!

“Everybody Workin’ – You Don’t Work,You Don’t Eat!”

No matter what your profession is, long as you are putting in work then this catchy but authentic slogan includes you and everybody else. The whole point was to have a brand that everybody relates too and feel comfortable with. More so it was a way of living, it was our LifeStyle.

Celebrating the 2019 Spring Collection with the release of our smart but cunning Tracksuits for the Men,Women, and children. There was not anyone heavily and consistently pushing a all around brand that when spoken upon made a charismatic ,but forceful gesture at the same time. Our young design team has a crisp and attractive look representing today’s culture. Opening the door to the business side of branding for other brands to follow the blueprint, did push EBW to the forefront, but don’t get me wrong it may have been a few, but none with the pizazz of ,Everybody Workin.

Being Recognized As The Best Entrepreneur/Entertainer

“Was once said that Aroc wore his shirt 1,095 days straight . Now that’s superb dedication”

Focusing on my music career as a entertainer ,being on the road, family time I still managed to work on my fashion designs. Main objective was not to be just a t shirt maker ,We wanted to be a premier clothing designer. Already a household name where we from our dreams was to be big as possible across the world. Now turning our dreams into reality , our next move is to take , Everybody Workin’, to the store front. When you think of quality and fashion you should think of EBW just as you would Rocawear, Gucci, Balenciaga, Balmain. Pray for us as we continue our journey to be the best Brand out.

Also stay tuned to the music as Aroc prepares to drop his album entitled, Trials and Tribulations release date T.B.A. In the meantime you can watch his Big Sean Freestyle video here  

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Streets want the real

Aroc debuts Trials And Tribulations

Premier Clothing Designer drops Official Music Video

As Aroc prepares to release his debut album entitled,Trials And Tribulations . Aroc teams up with J Manifest to give you a cold true to life record named no other than ,Trials And Tribulations. Aroc says he had to overcome so many obstacles not knowing if he’ll be able to walk the streets ,referring to to his street life he was facing prison time. Or perhaps being able to to live a normal life after facing death in a near fatal car accident leaving him in coma over 4 days. Then After losing his grandfather to cancer ,whom helped raise aroc before his untimely death. Aroc gives you his story of how he overcame everything that was thrown to him ,he took and used it to his advantage. He’s a CEO with a vision,entertainer,and a premier clothing Designer. Aroc emphasizes hardwork and dedication has led to his success but he says he wants more than that. It’s a big world and he wants his share ,and by all means necessary he go do whatever it takes. Aroc also says everytime he drops music and videos his fans eats it up,and thats what separates him from other artists.

” Yea alot of artists drops videos but they gets no views and reaction because they have poor work ethic,but put them against me and you’ll see what’s up ????”

They don’t wanna learn the business they think being cool is what pays the bills. If you dont work,you don’t eat #Everybodyworkin

Stay tune cause has plenty more to come ??

Be sure to checkout Aroc’s remix to Big Sean’s Come Up Freestyle 

Or Aroc’s powerful record ‘Mercy’ as he takes a stand against the violence and senseless killings plaguing not only America but the city of Rocky Mount,NC

With no further adue here’s the Offcial Music Video – Trials And Tribulations shot by Illy Rock

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Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan “C.R.E.A.M.” Cloverdale Rell


I got homies we fell out but we tight again / got a homie keep going back like he like da pen/ I got couple homies who’ll never see da light again/ Couple homies that flipped I never write again”

25 years ago Wu-Tang Clan dropped one of the hottest songs and arguably one of the best hip hop albums of our time , Enter the Wu-Tang Clan (36 Chambers). Everybody knows when hip-hop greats such Jay-z, Nas, Wu-Tang, Notorius Big, Scarface ,etc make classics those songs are not to be touched…. period (unless you smoking crack or wanna be known for messing up classic records… pick your poison).   “Cash Rules Everything Around Me “C.R.E.A.M.” , get the money” is that well-known moniker for anybody getting that guap and living that life.

Fast forward to today, the Wu-Tang “C.R.E.A.M.” still inspires the culture of modern hip hop. Such admiration is illustrated by Rocky Mount, NC’s own ,Cloverdale Rell. Cloverdale’s ode to the classic is not your typical remake; it honors the essence of the original “C.R.E.A.M.””, without compromising the artistry, individuality, and creativity that sets Cloverdale apart from the original.

The first thing “C.R.E.A.M.” lovers will notice is the difference in the beat. Produced by Rick and Thadeus, the Clovi-remake pulls off a smooth yet hard “wa-wa-wa- wa…”vocal and bass filled beat cadence. This is the song that listeners will ride with, chill with, roll with….the list goes on. Just as the chill kicks in, the hook fades in with the traditional chant that we all know and love,” Cash Rules Everything Around Me “C.R.E.A.M.” , get the money”.

The Clovi-remake is not better, worst, or the same as the Wu-Tang Clan original. The truth is, the WU-C.R.E.A.M. is a legend within itself, there is no comparison, however, “C.R.E.A.M.” fans may agree that Cloverdale Rell holds his own. S/o Cdub for the dope visual!!!

Get Clovi’s new album Church Street available on all Platforms !!

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Come Up Freestyle

Aroc remixes a Freestyle video to Big Sean Come up

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In preparation to release his debut album, Everybody Workin’s own, Aroc, also remixes a Freestyle video to Good Music’s Big Sean track, Come Up today. 

Aroc’s verse shared his perspective of  what it meant to Come Up as he described his days as a hustler in the streets, and engaged business ethics to get himself out via hip hop.

Zaitz Media provided the dope visual to Big Sean assisted Come up freestyle, while Aroc  does his thing in front of the camera, showcasing his latest apparel from this seasons clothing line:wearing matching burgandy Vans, a customized wife-beater in white and burgundy suede lettering, and Everybody Workin’ hat. He also featured First Flight Vodka, the NC owned liquor brand, just an sheer example of how Everybody Workin’ represents local talents that put NC on the map.

‘Stayed on my pivot,cant knock me off my feet/

retired from the trap spitting sauce on these beats’

The latter is an example of how Aroc remained flexible to avoid being knocked down by the haters, and eventually used music to get out of the game.  Be on the look out for Aroc’s new single ‘Trials And Tribulations coming to a corner near you and can be purchased on  ITunes.

Also the Trials and Tribulations official video will be dropping real soon.

Aroc always want yall to remember ,Everybody Workin, was started as a movement pushing everybody to put that work in and make sure everybody on your team is putting work in also. If you don’t work,then you will not eat . With this ever-changing industry ,you as businessman and/or artist must find your niche within this game and shoot for the stars #Everybodyworkin ??

Stream Come up now on soundcloud

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