Clothing Designer Aroc reviews Custom EBW Tracksuits from his Clothing Brand, Everybody Workin’. Also his recently released EBW Embroidered Chenille Sweaters and Tshirts that comes with the Signature Embossed Leather Patch.

The brand Everybody Workin’ is approaching its 10th birthday as a movement, brand, clothing ,and music powerhouse. Being able to have a slogan that’s relatable to the ? is ?. Having a brand takes consistency and dedication as EBW has seen many brands come and go, also seeing other brands blossom since the inception of Everybody Workin back in 2010.

When it first was started some wondered where it came from and what it meant. Well it was part of Clothing Designer Aroc’s everyday lifestyle. Establishing a good and well known name in the streets had its perks. See Aroc did what he had to do to survive, along with his friends relatively everybody did. He ran the streets as his only option if it made dollars it made sense. Getting up early mornings organizing his team telling them ,Everybody Workin,If you dont work you dont eat,everybody would say it with him. Aroc would be any and everywhere screaming those words whether the barber shop,clubs ,any street corner, social media. He knew he had a relatable brand ,and it caught fire because its believable and everybody relates. No matter if you’re a street hustler, mailman,teacher, entrepreneur, fireman,rapper,producer, 9 to 5’er, Pastor ,Everybody Workin’ ???

Aroc is going to be the best Clothing Designer the world has ever seen ?

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Be sure to wear and post to social media using the hashtag #Everybodyworkin

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