Aroc debuts Romance Love Story ‘To Whom It May Concern


To Whom It May Concern-Romance Love Story Official Music Video

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Rocky Mount, NC – Aroc debuts romance love story ‘To Whom It May Concern’ official music video off his latest album ‘Trials and Tribulations. Ohio based Producer Lmg , along side Nc’s own Super Producer J Manifest of Legion Of Muzik assist Aroc’s vibe with a slow melodic tune that everyone can relate and sing to.


To Whom It May Concern gives you a sense of urgency to love your significant other. Uplifting her with every opportunity you have, showing your love will never subside. Relationships aren’t made to be perfect but often times are tested. Over the years, the topic of love has helped rappers to crossover into the standard and reach radio attentive admirers.

Love has always been hip-hop’s sweet spot since the beginning of time. Including the love of the game, love of money and the love of 2 individuals. Whether it’s about a guy renewing his love, vowing not to cheat again or a lover standing by his words of what he’ll do in the bedroom, the best romance songs are sincere and straight from the horses mouth. Without love songs, hip hop wouldn’t be compelling. The visual directed by Illy Rock and Ebw Films focuses on Aroc being in love with many ups and downs during his hustling days after Aroc was in a life altering accident. Aroc finds someone he’ll truly love but doesn’t know if she’ll be along for the ride.

This track is a effortless vibe, so don’t come for me arguing otherwise. The beat, vocals, and creative style on one track; smoother than butter on your grandma biscuits that gets straight to the point.


“You gotta treat her good that’s all she ask
we cant move forward we living in the past
I’m writing you this letter to whom it may concern
we living off experience that’s a lesson learned”

Respect is never given, it’s always earned

“I spot a bad one pecan slim physique
I saw the good in her she saw the bad in me
approach cautiously she grinning cheek to cheek
you ever envision life what it use to be
Stack that bread up vacation when you wanna
we self made we counting money in a sauna’

Aroc could be referring to any female but we get the picture that he has met the one he has always envisioned. He hid this brilliant track in the middle of Trials and Tribulations, but its not to be missed. It’s a appealing but fiercely raw acumen into his relationship as he gives credit to his better half in this romance love story.

“Got down on my knees prayed to the lord

Got a phone call she say she praying more

If you knew what I was facing would you pray at all

She blew me kisses thru the phone she love me wit her all

I’m writing you this letter ‘To Whom It May Concern”

Just a soothing beat and honest bars admirable of entry into the sanctuary of hip hop love songs. Continue to follow Aroc as he takes you with him on his journey as an Independent artist and well established Clothing Designer.


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